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Students are future builders and users of uSky Transport


Cooperation with education institutions is one of the priority areas in scientific activities of uSky Transport. Industry tech in any field (automobile, railway, aviation) has life cycles of hundreds of years, and uSky Transport is no exception. For these hundreds of years technology has to be developed, improved, operated for people’s benefit. Therefore, future engineering personnel should be sought as young and early as the college halls.

Mutually beneficial cooperation of uSky Transport with global educational institutions is gaining momentum. Students of SRM University AP, India, American University of Sharjah, Vidyalankar Institute for International Education (VIIE), India, Pandit Deendayal Energy University (PDEU), India, University of Tunis Carthage, the Republic of Tunisia, the College of Fine Arts and Design at the University of Sharjah, Higher Colleges of Technology, as well as the young students from the Rubu' Qarn Foundation are already knowledgeable about uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology.

The doors of the uSky Test & Certification Center are always open for young professionals interested in transport innovations and willing to better study uSky technologies.

This time around, we held an exciting uSky tour for students of CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Pune Lavasa Campus, India. CHRIST, a premier educational institution, is an academic fraternity of individuals dedicated to the motto of Excellence and Service. CHRIST is a nurturing ground for an individual's holistic development to make an effective contribution to the society in a dynamic environment.

The students got acquainted with the 6-passenger high-speed uFlash with an integrated multimedia system, capable of sliding along uSky flyovers at 500 kph and with aerodynamic specs surpassing those of a supercar such as the legendary Bugatti Veyron.

uSky Transport - You can’t stand against the uFlash
You can’t stand against the uFlash

At the uSky Transport office, students were shown a model of a linear city and had explanations about different types of track structures, which primarily include flexible, semi-rigid and rigid structures, as well as various types of electric vehicles (mounted and suspended).

uSky Transport - Linear city model gets people excited!
Linear city model gets people excited!

The certified tropical uCar, our energy-efficient and truly eco-friendly electric vehicle for urban and intercity transportation and adapted for hot climate operation, aroused great interest among young professionals from India, as they saw it at the service station.

Line for our exciting ride
Line for our exciting ride

uSky Transport is always ready to give an opportunity, especially for creative youth, to view the unique capabilities of uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology, and welcomes new visitors to uSky Center who are interested in innovative transportation systems about to change our planet for the better!

uSky tour has amazed each and every one
uSky tour has amazed each and every one


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