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uSky Transport is a safe alternative to traditional road transport system


Mobility is an integral feature of a modern person’s daily life. Every day, people use transportation to commute to work, school, grocery stores, transport children and elderly relatives as well as meet other various daily family and social needs. The value of transport systems is so great that security affects a wide range of basic human needs. That is why ensuring transport security and sustainable mobility plays an important role in reducing poverty and inequality, expanding access to employment, education, healthcare, and other spheres of human life. The efficiency, accessibility, and safety of transport systems directly contribute to implementing sustainable development goals.

The road transport system while being the most popular is also the most dangerous. According to the World Health Organization, about 1.35 million people annually are killed in traffic accidents all over the world. From 20 to 50 million people suffer from non-fatal injuries, many of which result in disabilities. Road accidents are the leading cause of death among children and young people aged 5–29. Worldwide, global trends in road traffic deaths make it assume that more than 17 million people would die in road traffic accidents in the next decade, and another 500 million would be injured. Road deaths and injuries cause great economic damage, costing most countries 3% of their gross domestic product value.

A worthy alternative to the traditional road transport system is the innovative and safe uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology, which can prevent the death and injury of road users.

Innovative and safe uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology
Innovative and safe uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology

Elevating uSky Transport track structure above the ground surface excludes the collision of a rolling stock with pedestrians, animals, cars, trains, agricultural, construction, and any other equipment. Equipping uSky electric vehicles with an anti-derailment system and the rail track itself exclude other eventual causes of accidents.

uSky transport overpass is designed to pass over all types of soil and in any natural and climatic conditions. The transport system can withstand temperature differences from +60°С to -60°С, hurricane winds up to 300 km/h, snowdrifts up to 5 m high, floods and highwater up to 10 m in depth, earthquakes with a magnitude of up to 9 points. The overpass is resistant to heavy rains and snowfalls, sandstorms, tsunamis, glaciation, acts of terrorism, and vandalism.

High technical design and construction standards are key security components of the uSky transportation system. Certification of vehicles as a mandatory requirement for registration is a key measure to ensure the observance of relevant safety standards.

Safe off-the-ground uSky Transport track structure
Safe off-the-ground uSky Transport track structure

Integration of the innovative uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology into the transport infrastructure will minimize the negative consequences of using conventional vehicles, such as deaths and injuries as a result of road accidents, air pollution, high fuel consumption, and traffic congestion, thus will subsequently contribute to improving the humankind life quality and sustainable development goals.


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