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uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology

Visit uSky Test & Certification Centre During EXPO 2020 to witness efficient transport solutions



uSky Transport is becoming a framework and a technical basis for consolidation of the human society

The very essence of mobility implies uniting the people.
uSky aerial transport fulfils this purpose both at the local and general planetary levels.

Feasibility in a challenging terrain and under adverse climatic conditions, small footprint, preservation of natural landscape, versatility and integrability in services, power transmission lines are just a few of many advantages that uSky technology provides. Thus, it is fair to say that the universal application of such system will contribute to a vigorous and large-scale growth in the social and economic life of any country worldwide.


We deliver to customers
a comprehensive complex solution that comprise dozens of systems and even more subsystems

uSky Transport FZE is a part of international Unitsky Group that has
15 design bureaus with more than 1,000 scientists, engineers, designers and architects employed.


Their area of focus includes:

  • Rolling stock (cargo, passenger and high-speed intercity electric pods);

  • Track structure;

  • Infrastructure: stations, railway and freight terminals, depots, etc., as well as automated systems of safety, control, power supply and communications.



uSky Intellectual Control Systems 

uSky transport system is comprised of a wide range of wireless and wired communications based on conventional information and electronic technologies.

The implementation of uSky complex will increase the efficiency of transportation management, reduce overhead costs for passenger and cargo transport and boost the development of digital information field to a higher level.

Control system


Special design and technology Bureau with pilot production carries out the entire cycle of work on the production of uSky  rolling stock

  • Production of complementary parts, devices, and components;

  • Testing of mechanical units and electronics;

  • Testing of industrial mockups


uSky Features in Numbers


Times lower material consumption


Times higher efficiency


Times lower
land acquisition


Times increased electrical safety

uSky in the Media

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