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Accelerating the digital transformation in logistics

[28.08.2021] The coronavirus pandemic highlighted the need for the logistics industry to operate effectively in today's ever-changing landscape. As digital transformation advances across the globe, it's more important than ever to ensure supply chains constantly evolve, moving faster, more accurately, and built on the foundations of efficiency whilst pursuing de-carbonization to secure a clean and sustainable environment for generations to come. The Logistics Middle East Innovation & Transportation Summit will assemble thought leaders and pioneers from the worlds of tech, logistics, transportation and sustainability to explore how the industry can continuously innovate whilst optimizing the consumer experience and considering the environmental implications of these advancements.


uSky Transport FZE is to attend the summit and its representative will make a report “uSky rails is the innovative transport technology”. The report will touch upon such topics as:

  • Philosophy of uSky technology;

  • Why it's time to optimize the transport infrastructure;

  • uSky rails as an alternative to existing modes of transport;

  • How uSky technology is able to solve transport problems around the world.

The report of uSky will be presented at the Summit on September 14 from 9:05 am to 9:25 am. You can sign up for the summit by following the link


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