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Dr. Anatoli Unitsky interview for The Business Year


An interview with Dr. Anatoli Unitsky, Founder and General Designer of uSky Transport was published on the website of the international magazine The Business Year.

Dr. Anatoli Unitsky told about uSky Transport project and its advantages, the specifics of working in the Emirate of Sharjah and cooperation with the Scientific Research Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP), as well as the development of the company in the near future.

uSky Transport - Dr. Anatoli Unitsky interview for The Business Year
Dr. Anatoli Unitsky interview for The Business Year
“Regarding our establishment in Sharjah, it is important to highlight the visionary leadership of His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi. His commitment to education is evident through the diverse student body at the university, representing over 120 nationalities. When I initially met His Highness in Sharjah, it was at His Highness’s initiative to allocate land specifically for our project. Originally designated for other purposes, His Highness recognized the potential for our endeavor to benefit humanity. Discussions ensued regarding the logistical aspects, with His Highness emphasizing the importance of practical demonstrations and certifications before market entry. This led to an agreement, with considerations made for the necessary land plot requirements. Notably, His Highness’ regular commute past the university further underscored his support for the project. His vision and proactive approach have been instrumental in facilitating our presence in Sharjah”, said Dr. Anatoli Unitsky.


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