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How Sky pods could solve traffic problems

[10.08.2021] Under this heading, an article was published on the American news portal Lifewire, the author of the article is Sascha Brodsky, also, all facts in the news are confirmed by Rich Scherr.

How Sky pods could solve traffic problems

“One answer to car-clogged streets could be the recently unveiled sky pods in the United Arab Emirates. The driverless, high-speed pods are designed to zip high above roads while suspended from a metal track. Innovative solutions to traffic problems are increasingly necessary, experts say”, written in article.

"Most major cities have reached a point where they cannot build their way out of congestion," Sean Laffey, an engineer at Kittelson & Associates, a transportation engineering and planning firm, told Lifewire in an email interview.

"With congestion, drivers spend more time in their cars, which has the added disadvantage of increasing emissions. New forms of transportation offer the opportunity to move with the convenience of a car but without using a car, which reduces vehicle demand, congestion, and emissions.", as said in the article. That’s why uSky provides a technology that avoids the additional load on public roads, transport that provides comfortable transportation of passenger traffic and, at the same time, it is an eco-friendly transport.

How Sky pods could solve traffic problems

More and more companies are starting to offer solutions to solve the transport issue. And uSky Transport is increasingly seen as the most efficient and innovative. Unlike other examples in this article, uSky's innovative technologies are already ready for implementation, all uSky technologies have been tested thanks to the Test & Certification Centers owned by the group of company, in two different climatic zones in Sharjah and Minsk.

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