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The basis of uSky technology – an innovative string rail

[19.08.2021] Today we are going to talk about one of the most important parts of uSky technology - the string rail. Thanks to this technology, uSky solutions have such consumer qualities as reliability, safety, high capacity of the transport line. And this, at a low production cost compared to standard transportation solutions such as rail, tram, metro, monorail, etc.

A string rail is a conventional continuous (along the length) steel, reinforced concrete or steel-reinforced concrete beam or truss equipped with a rail head and additionally strengthened with pre-stressed (tensioned) strings.

The string rail combines the characteristics of the flexible cable (at a long distance between anchored supports) and rigid beam (at a small beam span – under a wheel of uPod and above the support).

A flat head of the rail and cylindrical steel wheel ensure minimal energy consumption during the movement.

Version of semi-rigid string rail

Types of string rails

All our technologies are tested at uSky Test & Certification Centres, which are located in two climatic zones. One of which is located in the city of Sharjah, tropical desert climatic zone, and the other in Minsk, subarctic and temperate climatic zone. This allows us to test and be confident in the reliability and adaptability of the technology for use around the world.

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