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The Russian Academy of Science: uSky is the most cost-effective transport system

[16.08.2021] uSky transport technology is one of the most affordable and safest solutions for passenger or cargo transportation.

uSky is the most cost-effective transport system

This is also confirmed in the conclusion of the Russian Academy of Sciences and signed by Director of Institute of Transportation Problems named after N.S. Solomenko, Honoured Worker of Science of Russia, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Beliy O.V.

The Russian Academy of Science opinion says that: “The analysis of the data, represented in Tab.4.2, proves that STU* is the most cost-effective transport system. For example, in comparison with an airplane, intercity high-speed electric STU will be 3.3 times more cost-effective and non-electric diesel-drive STU will be 3.3x90.5%/33.5%=8.9 times more cost-efficient. In comparison with a high-speed rail, STU will be 2.5-3.1 times more cost-efficient. And in comparison with “Transrapid” maglev train, which is more energy-consuming than an airplane is, STU is 9.6 times more cost-efficient. City mounted STU, due to lower speed rates, will be approx. 3.3 times more efficient in comparison with intercity speed STU. Crude energy consumption of the city suspended STU will be 29 times even lower. And in comparison with a motor-car, STU energy consumption will be 31 times lower.”

* STU is former name before rebranding to uSky Transport

Tab.4.2 Transport System Energy Intensity

Tab.4.2 Transport System Energy Intensity

This is the result of many years of work, lengthy calculations, many tests and modifications and re-testing of technologies in our own Test & Certification Centres, which are located in different climatic zones, which allows us to take into account all the nuances when implementing commercial projects in different countries.


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