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uBus Carat: first steps


Humans have always been driven by innate desire to explore the unknown and push the boundaries of what is possible. The first launch of a new vehicle is a testament to the relentless pursuit of knowledge and progress.

A truly historic event took place in uSky Test & Certification Centre – the first uBus Carat passage, vehicle custom made by order of uSky Transport and has never been driven before.

The first launch of a new electric vehicle by our specialists is a unique and important step on the way of its development and testing. At this stage, engineers check serviceability and performance of vehicle, they also carry out all the necessary technical tests. At this time, various aspects of uBus Carat are carefully analyzed and tested to ensure that it is safe, effective and meets quality standards.

We see the key steps in the uBus Carat validation process during the first run as follows:

Simulation tests: engineers begin with these tests, using computer models and simulations to evaluate the vehicle's operation under various conditions and scenarios.

Functional tests: experts check performance of all vehicle systems, such as engine, brakes, electrics, climate control and others.

Safety Tests: special tests are required to ensure that vehicle meets strict safety standards and is able to protect passengers in the event of an accident.

Systems efficiency and energy efficiency tests: engineers test charge consumption efficiency and system performance to ensure optimum vehicle performance.

Noise and vibration tests: professionals measure noise and vibration levels to ensure passenger comfort.

Launching uBus Carat for the 1st time is a critical step in commissioning process, helping to identify and resolve potential problems and ensure that all systems are functioning properly.


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