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uCar emergency test using a rope rescue gear


At uSky, we always think about safety, even when it comes to unforeseen situations that may arise due to external factors. For such cases, uPods always have an emergency descent system for passengers. This video report demonstrates rescue from the uCar using a descent device. At the uSky Test & Certification Centre located in Sharjah, UAE, we conduct various tests, work out all possible emergency situations and take them into account in our projects.

Syed Arsalan, Mechanical Engineer at uSky transport

According to Syed Arsalan, Mechanical Engineer at uSky transport, this is one of many tests uSky conducts to ensure maximum passenger safety. Tests like these help us look at various abnormal situations from a different angle.

The main task was to test this rope launching device for safety and reliability, the system proved to be the best possible. However, the rope rescue gear system is used only in time of natural disasters, since all uPods are equipped with a large number of security systems and monitoring sensors that allow you to monitor all systems and track the location of uPods in real time. Also, all uPods are equipped with video surveillance cameras, an emergency communication system, an anti-derailment system preventing derailment from the track structure, an automatic fire extinguishing system and other systems that duplicate each other, thereby ensuring maximum safety.


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