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uSky technology has enormous potential


Dr. Anatoli Unitsky made a presentation called "Optimizing future terrestrial and geospace mobility" at the Future Mobility summit within the framework of GITEX Global Exhibition held on October 1721.

Dr. Anatoli Unitsky at GITEX
Dr. Anatoli Unitsky at GITEX

Most of the visitors who came to listen to the speech on the development of transport did not expect to hear that the introduction of transport technologies should be just the first step in redirecting the society's civilizational development path from thoughtless consumption, poisoning the biosphere and killing our planet to harmonious coexistence with nature and the relocation of all harmful, energy-intensive industries in outer space.

A scientist's talent involves not only scientific discoveries. You need to be able to express your thoughts in simple and understandable terms so that ordinary people can hear and understand you. The speech of Dr. Anatoli Unitsky was undoubtedly heard and ended with prolonged applause unusual for the conference.

Dr. Anatoli Unitsky during an exclusive interview with The National media holding
Dr. Anatoli Unitsky during an exclusive interview with The National media holding

Representatives of the UAE press paid attention to Dr. Unitsky's speech. After the speech, journalist Nick Webster from The National media holding took an exclusive interview, during which Dr. Anatoli Unitsky answered all the questions regarding his report. Click the link to read the original article of The National.

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Oct 28, 2021

We are so proud of Dr Yunitsky


Oct 25, 2021

I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Anatoli Unitsky. Each of his words tells the Basic will of our World.

good deeds are now in action. We tired the world.

Pure hearts at work.

Congratulations to your entire team.

Everything will be very nice.

Greetings from Turkey.

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