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uSky Transport: installer’s secrets


Modern construction industry consists almost entirely of assembling ready-made structures. This especially applies to such units as track structures, towers, steel bridges, bearing-wall structures, etc. Everywhere, one way or another, large units are now used, which are produced at factory, transported and then joined together at the construction site.

uSky Transport - “Certainly, resounding success and global recognition await us all”
“Certainly, resounding success and global recognition await us all”

Installer’s profession is an important field in construction and manufacturing, it’s where specialists assemble, install, configure and set up various mechanisms, equipment and structures. Installer’s work can be varied and depend on specialization, but in general includes the following responsibilities:

Reading drawings and schematics: installers must be able to read industrial drawings and schematics to understand how to assemble and install components and parts.

Assembly and installation: Craftsmen assemble and install various parts and components, whether it is engineering structures, machinery, electrical equipment or other systems.

Adjustment and setup: craft people adjust installed systems and mechanisms so that they work correctly and efficiently.

Inspection and testing: installers check installed equipment and systems to ensure their proper and safe operation.

Repairs and maintenance: in some cases, installers may also perform repairs and maintenance on installed systems and equipment.

An installer's speciality can range from electrician and plumber to installation of industrial machinery and equipment. Here at uSky Test & Certification Centre we just spoke to a specialist in this profession.

uSky Transport - Constructional fitter and erector is an indispensable professional in construction industry
Constructional fitter and erector is an indispensable professional in construction industry

Hello, Mr. Aleh. Tell us some things specific to your profession.

Good afternoon, everyone! My name’s Aleh Balotnikau, and my profession is called “an installer of support equipment and associated metal structures”. An installer of support equipment and associated metal structures is a professional who installs, assembles and configures industrial equipment and related metal units. In my opinion, this is an indispensable specialist on a construction site. This kind of work is extremely complex and diverse. In the most general sense, the person is responsible for joining various elements into a single whole.

What are your responsibilities within scope of your work at uSky Transport?

During my time at Test Track 4, I have assembled and installed accessory equipment, and I also needed to make sure that it operated correctly. My responsibilities also include organizing the teamwork of subordinates and training them at any point.

Do you personally participate in certain works?

Of course, especially if work is at a difficult point or complex operations are coming up ahead, then I do a lot of it myself.

How is your average work day laid out?

I come to work, receive drawings, gather up workers and equipment, collect materials and tools for the job. This takes quite a lot of time, since you need to calculate everything in advance, because the length of track structure is big enough at 2.5 km, and you cannot get distracted often and drive from one end to the other for every little thing. Next, I give instructions to workers, and if necessary, train them to perform certain tasks.

Aleh, you've been here since the rope suspending and tensing was started. If you think of the whole journey, what work seems to be the most difficult?

The most difficult thing for me seemed to be installation of suspension devices, since this work involves great physical effort, taking into account peculiarities of the local climate in the form of heat. You have to perform several tasks at the same time: work with a huge wrench, supervise workers and safety precautions.

“Structural steel works are quite the hard work, especially if the installation is done by your hand”
“Structural steel works are quite the hard work, especially if the installation is done by your hand”

What do you love most about your job here?

I think, I like the management and setup of mechanisms for all the works the most.

And you also work at hights, isn’t it scary?

No, not at all. It’s a matter of habit and experience.

What qualities do you think are needed to work as an installer?

This work requires the installer to have not only professional skills, but also knowledge of basic technologies and standards associated with installation of metal structures. The professional must be able to read drawings and diagrams, as well as understand basic principles of design. Excellent health and stamina are also required.

What would you tell guys who are just planning to become an installer?

In order to become a true highly qualified professional, you need to really work hard. In this job, knowledge really only comes with experience.

And, finally, what do you think the future holds for our project?

Certainly, resounding success and worldwide recognition await us all.


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