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uSky Transport pulls track strands – yet another milestone achieved


Track structure erection is that very stage of construction when a string rail transport road is created. Each member of the overpass structure must appear at a strictly scheduled time and in strict sequence.

The semi-rigid track structure consists of many members each performing its designated function: the composite body creates a rigid and at the same time light protection of the strands against the environment and other external impacts, and the strands in each chord ensure the requisite load-bearing capacity, the aluminum profile enables the transmission of electric current to long distances with minimal losses. All these components form a section of the transport overpass.

Works at anchor nodes prior to strand tensioning
Works at anchor nodes prior to strand tensioning

To ensure the collective functioning of the track structure members, it is necessary to observe strictly all the stages of the erection technology. Strand de-coiling is just one such. The track section incorporates 2 types of strands applied: zinc-coated strands within the lower chord exhibiting remarkable corrosion resistant properties and weatherproof HDPE sheathed galvanized strands for outdoor use. The strands are de-coiled in a strictly defined sequence considering further tensioning and the formation of the major sections.

Practically, de-coiling is carried out using construction machinery and a strand trolley designed and fabricated in-situ by uSky Transport. Each strand is laid separately in a predestined location, which does not allow it to intertwine with the rest. The de-coiling method also provides for gentle handling of the strands at every stage of construction. The well-organized operation of several units of machinery and equipment made it possible to avoid collapse and reduce time costs.

Works at anchor nodes prior to strand tensioning
Works at anchor nodes prior to strand tensioning

To date, anchor nodes installation had been completed at the anchor supports, the requisite equipment for tensioning has been mounted, and all the strands de-coiled. Tensioning is our next milestone.


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