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uWind is small but mighty


uWind is a lightweight and small suspended electric vehicle with 2 seats. The EV is electric traction driven being powered from the live rail or by onboard energy storage unit, and moves on super light uSky rail overpasses.

Due to its utmost functional design, simplicity and low manufacture cost along with minimum energy consumption, uWind is one of the most affordable solutions to arrange the traffic in sparsely populated and remote areas, as well as in areas with harsh terrain.

uWind is small but mighty

The modular make of uWind allows not only to easily personalize the vehicle in a wide range of configurations, but to offer it with several functional modules, too – freight, freight-and-passenger, passenger. That said, the EV has only one traction module thus considerably increasing the cost-effectiveness of the system for small, but regular and strategically important cargo and passenger traffic.

uWind is small but mighty

uWind U4-651 specification:

  • Passenger capacity – 2 pax;

  • Curb weight – 830 kg;

  • GVW – 1040 kg;

  • Dimensions (L×W×H) – 3 × 1 × 3.5 m;

  • Design speed – 150 km/h;

  • Maximum capacity of the transport complex – 3,600 pax/h in both directions;

  • Power consumption at 100 km/h – 1.47 kW×h/pax×100 km.

uWind is small but mighty
uWind is small but mighty

Certified uSky Transport solutions, including rolling stock in the form of rail electric vehicles on steel wheels, a string rail overpass and off-the-ground infrastructure are characterized by high speed, comfort, safety, as well as low material consumption and high energy efficiency.


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