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Autobiography of Dr. Anatoli Unitsky translated into Vietnamese language


Anatoli Unitsky's autobiography World Engineer, composed of the inventor's memoirs and thoughts about the past, present and future, is an expanded edition of The Engineer issued in 2020.

The events that have since taken place turned out to be quite significant for the world. No one could have thought that the predictions made by this engineer Unitsky would come true so fast. World Engineer is a rethinking by the innovator turned visionary of everything that he knew and had believed in.

The author, as always, speaks as directly and openly as possible about the future of terrestrial technocratic humanity, that has currently arrived at civilizational crossroads: either degradation, decay and extinction on a planet limited in size and resources, or unlimited development in the universe immense in space, time and resources.

Over 50 years ago, Anatoli Unitsky came up with an idea of a planetary transport: a grandiose geocosmic self-supporting aircraft encircling entire Earth along the equator and capable of delivering 10 million tons of cargo and 10 million passengers into orbit in one flight. Based on that invention, the author then developed an original concept of another type of transport, except installed on land, on planet this time, which he called string transport.

In this autobiographical book, author convincingly proves that his string transport will become the leading mode of transport by mid-XXI century due to its unsurpassed technical and economic advantages not only over conventional modes of transport, but also over promising ones of near future.

uSky Transport - Visualization of design for one of the uSky passenger stations variants
Visualization of design for one of the uSky passenger stations variants

Anatoli Unitsky has more than 200 scientific papers, over 20 scientific monographs, about 40 international certificates, hundreds of patents and certificates for inventions, industrial designs and trademarks to his name. Among his regalia are also membership in the Federation of Cosmonautics of USSR and leading the work on two UN grants.

You can understand more about Unitsky The Engineer, the Founder of uSky Transport, only by trying to understand his motives and life goals. The way to do that objectively is to look at the difficult life path he has walked on and, together with the author, think about the fate of the world.

Cover of Anatoli Unitsky's autobiographical book, World Engineer
Cover of Anatoli Unitsky's autobiographical book, World Engineer

Download Anatoli Unitsky's World Engineer autobiography, Vietnamese language.


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