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CNN Business: These futuristic pods could help cities solve their traffic problems

[08.07.2021] On 8th of July, CNN published an article about uSky Transport.

The article is about our technology and transport solutions, how our transport compares favorably with standard transport and how our technology can help solve transportation problems around the world.

"Though "sky pods" are often compared to monorails or cable cars, they offer greater flexibility", says Stephanie Haag, associate partner at consulting firm McKinsey & Company. "In a cable car, you have one car and it always drives at the same speed. [In sky pods] you can use many different cabins on that particular infrastructure.", as said in the CNN article.



Very nice, It's use more effective in hill state of India in northern states.


Top expert Skyway Minh Tuyến
Top expert Skyway Minh Tuyến

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