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Huge delegation from Vietnam


One of the important aspects of uSky Transport's operations is global cooperation. This cooperation has an important part to play in successful development of uSky technology around the world. The sooner more people learn about uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology, the sooner it will win its rightful place.

Today uSky Test & Certification Centre received a large delegation from Vietnam. We showed the guests the exceptional possibilities of innovative transport and presented the certified tropical uCar, designed for urban and intercity transportation with the adaptation for hot climates. Each delegate was able to personally take a trip and see for themselves the safety and reliability of our electric vehicle.

The 6-passenger high-speed uFlash was of particular interest to visitors, especially due to its design speed of 500 kph. uFlash can operate on intercity and international routes rolling on the uSky overpass and has the uSky rail at its core.

Huge delegation from Vietnam
Huge delegation from Vietnam

uSky Transport employees also conducted an exciting uSky tour of our company's office – uHouse – a blooming oasis in the hot Emirati desert. uHouse has its design within the canon of sustainable architecture and it is based on the eco-home mindset. uHouse is designed for a new type of residential clusters within our linear city concept – the uCity.

uCity is an environmentally friendly city with uSky transport and infrastructure complexes integrated and making use of patented uSky rail and uSky overpass solutions.

As they saw the linear model of the city with five uSky lines in operation, the delegates became delighted with the originality and innovation of this concept in front of them.

The delegates’ timing brought the luck of a personal encounter with the founder and General Designer of uSky Transport, Dr. Anatoli Unitsky. The meeting was held in a friendly ambience, where our guests could ask the most exciting questions and have the most honest answers, and each delegate received a valuable parting gift from Dr. Anatoli Unitsky.

Huge delegation from Vietnam
Huge delegation from Vietnam

uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology is ready to come to Vietnam, but is Vietnam?!


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