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Sharjah 24: uSky launches new transportation system in Sharjah in new year


Sergei Tarasov, CEO of uSky Transport located at Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park has been interviewed by Sharjah 24. The subject of the discussion was the development of futuristic transportation systems that would supplant the present-day norm. He discussed the development of our transport that will begin operations in Sharjah.

“Today's development is that we have already finished one test track with flexible structure, and we are running a novel four-seater passenger uCar on this track. Work is underway on two more tracks at the same time. Each of these tracks will be 2.5 kilometers in length and include far more intricate engineering and construction”, said Sergei Tarasov.

uSky Transport CEO elaborated, “We will utilize them not only for passenger transportation, but also for sea containers, with standard capacity of 20 feet and 40 feet. As of this writing, a passenger-and-cargo rail line is almost complete. We are in the midst of building a track for an alternative class of electric vehicles, such as uBus, that will be used to transport groups of up to 25 people”.

Sergei Tarasov, CEO of uSky Transport, reaffirmed that Test Track 4 construction would be finished this year, and that its debut would follow upon the track commissioning after the New Year without further delay.


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