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uSky: Helping Sharjah become the first city with electric skypods

[30.07.2021] More and more news is coming out from various news agencies. This time we propose to you reading the news from Auto Futures. The article explicates uSky Transport technology explaining how it can help solve the transport problem.

“This system is a great fit for Sharjah and, perhaps, the UAE more generally. The searing desert temperatures and shifting sands regularly cause problems for existing transport methods", written in article.

“As unique as it is, uSky’s transport system has several advantages over existing modes of transport. For starters, the uSky transport systems can provide continuous passenger and cargo transportation in the scope required by the modern megalopolises. The pre-stressed rail technology allows constructing the route even in adverse climatic conditions, which means that it can be implemented just about anywhere.”

"Perhaps the sky isn’t quite the limit for uSky", concluding idea if the news on the Auto Features news portal. And it's hard to disagree with this, because uSky technology offers transport solutions above the ground, which allows us to increase transport efficiency and not destroy the soil, thereby making our transport environmentally friendly.


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