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uSky Technology: between a breakthrough idea and its concrete implementation


Construction of the string-rail transport overpass is always work in different directions: design and engineering studies, search for contractors and the following work, drawing up and agreeing on deadlines, as well as continuous work to comply with government regulations and safety standards.

The ultimate goal of engineering studies is development of the erection procedure for double-rail suspended track structure prestressed up to 1800 t, which also performs catenary function, as rails are energized up to 1000V. In turn, erection procedure is a separate area in the company's work on the development of processes, structures and their interworking.

At their core, engineering studies of technology show ways to implement design ideas. In earlier posts, we have already said that not a single installation organization has encountered installation of string-rail transport overpasses. Just like no process engineer has ever encountered the development of such singular processes. After all, length of the continuous, without expansion seams and joints, structure is 2400 meters, which is mounted from below, and then completely rises to an estimated height of 12–15 m.

uSky Transport - Installation of string rail fiberglass cases
Installation of string rail fiberglass cases

On the one hand, engineers are faced with task of making a unique transport and infrastructure complex a reality, including the unique prestressed overpass, off-the-ground infrastructure and unmanned rail electric vehicles on steel wheels – uPods. On the other hand, to stay competitive, standard and understandable building solutions should be applied.

String rail head installation
String rail head installation

However, we should recognize that in-house development of tooling, fixtures and auxiliary equipment is inevitable.

uSky Transport - Technological equipment for mechanization of high-precision mounting of rail heads
Technological equipment for mechanization of high-precision mounting of rail heads

Also worth mentioning is the fact that any technological process equals time. And in modern world, time is a major competitive advantage.

The next major factor is cost. At the moment, several transport systems are available in the world, such as road, rail, aviation, marine transport. This is known and accessible transport and infrastructure tech with fairly predictable labor costs and costs. Therefore, when engineering staff is developing the construction technology for string-rail transport overpass, they are immediately within certain financial limits. And the task is not only to stay within these boundaries, but also to create them for other companies.

String-rail transport overpass is designed to transport passengers and goods, in other words, it must ensure safety of people and safety of goods. From this simple and obvious thesis, I would like to single out just the one thing: quality of work put into the design and manufacture of string-rail transport overpass is an integral and uncompromising requirement. And this will always be the top priority for our company.

Upon evaluating every process of development and implementation of this very complex transport and infrastructure product, one inevitably comes to the conclusion that it is necessary to constantly balance between the trite concepts of “fast, efficient and inexpensive”. And we can surely say that solutions found today are a challenge for tomorrow.


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