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uSky Test & Certification Center – a place attractive for future engineers


uSky Transport continues to build relationships with educational institutions around the world, and invites future professionals from various fields of science to get acquainted with the innovative uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology. This time around, uSky Test & Certification Center hosted an engrossing tour for SRM University AP engineering students from India with support from Ureka Education as part of the Global Immersion Program UAE 2023.

Ureka Education is a tertiary education provider established in London in 2014 by a group of Sloan Fellows from London Business School. Ureka is the largest provider of experiential learning programs in the IMEA region in terms of content & coverage.

Global Immersion Programme includes visits to corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities, as well as meetings with executives and government officials to learn about international business from those experiencing it firsthand in the country. Students also have the opportunity to tour the local area and take part in special cultural events.

The beginner engineers started their tour with the showroom, where comfortable and environmentally friendly flagship of uSky Transport, the high-speed uFlash, was presented. Here, the students enthusiastically asked many interesting questions.

uSky Transport - Aspiring engineers photo with high-speed uFlash for fond memories
Aspiring engineers photo with high-speed uFlash for fond memories

The next stop on the exciting uSky Center journey was the operating model of the uCity linear city, integrated with the uSky transport and infrastructure complexes, that use the patented uSky rail and uSky overpass technologies.

uSky Transport - Linear uCity display
Linear uCity display

The uSky tour peaked with the demonstration of the certified uCar on-track operation. Young professionals enthusiastically watched the launch of the latest driverless vehicles.

uSky Transport - SRM University AP India students with our uCar
SRM University AP India students with our uCar

uSky Transport is happy to be able to share experience with young talented people, and inspire their creative minds to come up with promising new technologies and concepts, that would also be called on to improve the quality of life for people around the world.


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