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uSky Transport heroes


The uSky Transport team is rich with numbers of specialists from different fields such as engineers, builders, supervisors, technical specialists and more.

uSky Transport team
uSky Transport team

The profession of engineer plays an important role in development of modern societies. Engineers use their experience and knowledge to design, develop and innovate systems, products and processes that make our lives easier, safer and more sustainable.

What do engineers specifically do?

  1. Apply their technical skills, knowledge, and creativity to develop innovative solutions to complex problems: whether it's developing new technologies, improving existing systems, or finding efficient ways to accomplish tasks, they are at the forefront of solving problems.

  2. Responsible for technology development and bringing innovation into life. These specialists are involved in R&D and implementation of new tech, as well as pushing the envelope and contributing to technological advance.

  3. Play an important role in design and construction of infrastructure and ensure that these structures are safe, efficient and sustainable.

  4. Contribute to creating a more sustainable future for future generations.

Engineering is a dynamic field that requires lifelong learning and adaptation. These professionals need to keep abreast of the latest breakthroughs, trends and tech in order to remain effective in their roles. This mindset of continuous learning ensures that engineers are well prepared to solve ever-evolving problems and to contribute to society.

In this article, we are speaking to Mr. Siarhei Palkhouski, Lead Engineer of Design and Technology Department of Transport Overpasses, he is telling us about his profession and work at uSky Transport.

Checking drawings
Checking drawings

Good afternoon, Siarhei. Tell us a little about yourself, what do you do?

Good afternoon to everyone. My name is Siarhei Palkhouski and I am a lead engineer. My specific field is development of construction management projects and, accordingly, development of installation methods for our track structures.

Please, tell us in simple terms what “installation techniques” are and why are they needed?

First of all, here we are working on an innovative project and most of technologies have not been used anywhere before, so development of installation methods is required precisely in those parts of work where we currently have no practical experience, i.e., in those places of track structure where atypical rigging and equipment is used. All issues are first worked out in theory and analytics, and then here, at the facility, my task is to collect information about how certain solutions work out and whether they can be used in the future, or whether any improvements to these technologies are required.

What things specifically do you do at uSky Transport?

Due to the fact that uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology has no equal or similar competition in the world, both our developers and our contractors lack experience in some types of operations, so my function here is to coordinate the contractor's operation and integrate them into our processes, explaining every detail and collecting information about all processes in order to understand the size of labor costs, required machinery and equipment, as well as possible refinement of technological and structural elements.

Controlling operations
Controlling operations

Do you face any difficulties in your work?

Yes, of course, such moments are also there. Sometimes, some of our solutions happen to work out not quite completely, and you must quickly decide on the spot how to perform certain tasks more efficiently, and they have to be properly reflected in all of the following work processes.

In your opinion, as you work right at the facility, have you had to make major changes to the project?

In total, I give a positive score to our work, that is, the methods that we’ve designed and written up, all our solutions worked out, both analytically and practically. No major changes were required to the project.

We are located in Sharjah and the climate here is extreme due to the summer heat and year-round high temperature. How do you think this affects work processes?

Of course, the local climatic conditions make their own adjustments to operations. Some works have to be done at a more intense pace, or transferred to a darker time of day and cooler weather. During hot hours, some things do not work out the way we need.

Checking equipment
Checking equipment

What do you consider to be the most outstanding achievement of yours during work on Test Track No. 4?

For many of us, that is, of course, lifting our track structure from ground level to an altitude of 20 metres free of accidents, completely in normal mode. I think this can be considered a great achievement.

In your opinion, what did not work out at this or other stages of work?

Perhaps I did not manage to ideally establish operating processes, some due to peculiarities and specifics of the location, labors, language barrier. Naturally, there are situations where you do not initially have experience or practice, but you learn as you go and understand somewhere inside yourself how this thing can be done faster, without time losses in the future.

Could you please share your general impression of working at uSky Transport?

I am very pleased to be working on such a unique project with a team of true professionals, led by Anatoli Unitsky. I think this is a glorious piece for a biography.

Botany is a science, and engineering is a way to Change The World
Botany is a science, and engineering is a way to Change The World


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