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uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology at Expo 2020 Dubai


The international exhibition Expo 2020 intended to showcase achievements of countries and nations, opened this month in Dubai, UAE. The uST group of companies including uSky Transport does not stand aside and presents there an innovative achievement of modern humanity — absolutely ecofriendly innovative transport which can substitute for existing transport solutions hazardous for people and ecology.

Expo 2020 is the first world-wide business event available to visitors from various countries after the pandemic situation. As it was expected, it'll help to stimulate the world's investment and trade. Now the exhibition hosts exponents from about 200 countries and about 5 million tourists and business attendants can visit it.

Usually Expo takes place every 5 years but it was postponed for one year because of coronavirus. The last event was held in 2015 in Milan, Italy. This time the exhibition is arranged under the motto "Connecting Minds and Creating the Future". It means Expo should be not only a place of inventiveness, but also a playground where global issues such as climate change and economic recovery can be faced together.

The uST group of companies presents the transport of future at Expo 2020 — electric transport overpass systems. Providing significantly lower material intensity and construction costs than conventional overpass structures, the company proposes higher performance comparable to metro, rail or even road transport.

Compared to cable ways, these systems are much more adaptive, several times faster and can carry many more passengers and cargoes. The transportation is carried out by unmanned uCars (a type of electric vehicle) with various load and passenger capacity.

Due to a fully automated intelligent control system and arrangement above the ground where the vehicle is free to move, it is possible to solve the problems of traffic jams while providing safety level as never before. The vehicles’ aerodynamics reduces energy consumption and operating costs.

They are particularly successful in mountainous areas, in areas with harsh terrain, where overcoming of water barriers is needed, and in areas where the existing road infrastructure cannot meet the current demands.

It is worth noting that during the construction of the complexes following the uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology, the ground under the roads can remain undamaged.

You can see the stand of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. being a part of uST Group of Companies at Expo 2020 in the Belarusian pavilion. Also, business representatives, authorities and transport specialists will be able to test-drive transport at uSky Test & Certification Centre located near Dubai — in the city of Sharjah. The centre has a total area of over 250,000 sq. meters, with a fully functional passenger line, a passenger and service station, as well as two 2.4 km long tracks currently under construction.

Expo 2020 will last for 6 months — from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.

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07 oct. 2021

Ask Slovak representatives when their Hydrogen car on EXPO2020, solve real transport problems. Trafic accidents, Jams, Parking,...

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