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Visit by international influencers to uSky Test & Certification Centre


uSky Test & Certification Centre has been toured by a large delegation of influencers from all over the world: Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Spain, Colombia, Germany, Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan, etc.

uSky Transport team introduced the visitors to the uSky office, an environmentally friendly and sustainable green uHouse, the only one in the United Arab Emirates built entirely of wood but in full compliance with all local fire safety codes, while the eco-architecture of the office conforms to global trends and standards.

The guests got familiar with all the miracles presented in uHouse like a functional model of a linear uCity, which made an indelible impression on the audience. The delegates explored the presented model with five active uSky tracks with genuine interest and bombarded the representatives of uSky Transport with numerous questions.

The flagship of the company, a high-speed uFlash with a built-in multimedia system and a passenger capacity of 6 people, capable of moving over uSky overpass at speeds up to 500 km/h, aroused genuine interest among the influencers.

The delegates with cutting-edge uFlash
The delegates with cutting-edge uFlash

The guests were presented with a certified tropical uCar designed for urban and intercity commutation and adapted for regions with an arid climate and an upper operating temperature limit of up to +55°C. Each delegate took a ride in the electric vehicle and had a bird's eye view of the entire uSky Centre.

The culmination of the visit was a meeting with the uSky Transport Founder and General Designer Anatoli Unitsky, who delivered a welcoming speech, answered numerous questions, and presented commemorative albums to each participant of the gathering.

uSky Transport thanks all the guests for the most interesting day spent together and always keeps the doors open for everybody who shares the ideas and values of the company and are ready to carry them around the world.

Dear our guests, look for yourself in the photos.


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