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uPort for global shipping & logistics


There are various applications for uSky transport and infrastructure complex, and one of them is maritime shipping. The use of string-rail overpass enables to build seaports at some distance from the shore, which will exclude the works and expenditures that are necessary when constructing seaports near land.

uSky Transport technology allows to integrate the transport & infrastructure complexes into a seaport. Such a unified complex can not only reduce the expenses for the construction of ports, but is also capable of optimizing maritime logistics.

A seaport built using uSky technology can be located at a distance of up to 10 km from the coastline and located on the sea shelf with natural depths. The structure of berths can be installed on a pile foundation or on floating anchored pontoons. The uPort is specially equipped for mooring and repair of ships, their loading, unloading, boarding and disembarking of passengers. During the construction of such uPort, it is not necessary to create berthing walls and increase the depth near the shore for large-sized ships.

uSky Transport + uPort

In addition, suspended transport and infrastructure will significantly reduce the time and cost of cargo transportation. The transportation is ensured by means of unmanned electric vehicles on steel wheels (uPods). uPods move along a string-rail overpass laid over land and water at a speed of up to 150 km/h and are capable of transporting more than 100 million tons of cargo per year. Such means of transportation ensures a uniform rhythm of productivity and, if necessary, can completely exclude in-port storage volumes.

The construction of conventional seaports has a negative impact on the environment. Dredging and shore protection works affect aquatic biological resources and their habitat. The excavation of the soil and its filling on a specially designed marine dump increase the turbidity of waters, which changes the habitat conditions for plankton. During dredging, secondary water pollution occurs with substances available in the processed soil. Air, water, and noise pollution all negatively affect not only the environment, but also residential areas located in close proximity to the port. The construction of a port using uSky Transport technology will minimize the human impact on the environment.

uSky Transport - Commuting between uPort and mainland
Commuting between uPort and mainland

uSky transport & infrastructure complex is efficient under harsh natural and climatic conditions. The uSky Transport string-rail overpass is distinguished by reliability and a long service life of up to 100 years (and up to 25 years for rolling stock). The location of the track structure above the ground provides a high level of safety, since there is no chance of collision with objects located on the ground.

The operation of uSky transport is controlled by an automated control system. It reads information from the route, reacts to obstacles and threats, and monitors the correctness of the route assignment. For this purpose, special sensors are used. They acquire, process, and analyze information. Thanks to the automated control system, the seaport built using uSky Transport technology is ready for uninterrupted operation 24/7.

uSky Transport - uPort from a birds eye view
uPort from a birds eye view

Main advantages of using the uSky cargo transport system in the seaport:

  • Delivery of loose, liquid, and break-bulk cargo for the distances of 5–10 km and more or shore;

  • Mooring of large vessels does not require the creation of quay walls, dredging, or shore reinforcement;

  • It is possible to deliver goods to a sea port located at a depth of up to 25 m;

  • The port infrastructure and uSky transport system together form a single logistics complex for cargo delivery;

  • The transportation implies cargo delivery from a mining enterprise to a bulk carrier's hold without intermediate stocking.

A short while ago, uSky Test & Certification Centre was visited by representatives of the Busan Development Institute. uSky Transport representatives and the Korean delegates discussed the options of using uSky cargo complexes on the 25 km track between Gadukdo and Kangseo. uSky Transport is confident that its technology may become an ideal logistics solution for this route.

uSky Transport - uCont at its destination at uPort
uCont at its destination at uPort


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