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uSky Transport is quite the thing for the fast-developing UAE capital


uSky Transport Founder and General Designer Dr. Anatoli Unitsky had a yet another workshop meeting with Abu Dhabi government officials to elaborate on the options to deploy uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology in the capital of the UAE.

At the moment, the Abu Dhabi Government is thoroughly studying various transport systems that may not only transport residents but also contribute to ambitious plans for tourism development, tourist flow attraction to newly built sights, and infrastructure facilities. The Louvre Abu Dhabi, a new cruise terminal, an amusement park, and an expanded airport are some of the few venues that need to be connected by convenient transport links to become accessible to Abu Dhabi visitors.

Dr. Anatoli Unitsky at the meeting with Abu Dhabi government officials
Dr. Anatoli Unitsky at the meeting with Abu Dhabi government officials

According to experts from the government agencies of Abu Dhabi, uSky Transport is the best suited for this purpose, since it can provide tourists with affordable, environmentally friendly, comfortable, and safe transportation that meets all modern standards and requirements, and will also enable the construction of a transport complex passing over the existing water arteries of the city, without significant changes in the architectural plan and relocation of communications.

Undoubtedly, for such a prosperous city as Abu Dhabi, the project cost is not a key issue, and never in the United Arab Emirates has quality and safety been sacrificed for cheapness, nevertheless, uSky transport and infrastructure complex manifold cheaper cost compared to any of the existing transport solutions, also matters.

uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology presentation
uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology presentation

Along with the competitive price, the following advantages of uSky complexes stand out most clearly, which were considered by the representatives of the government of Abu Dhabi:

  • enhanced safety of high-speed transportation due to rolling stocks traveling high above the ground,

  • outstanding environmental friendliness,

  • high level of adaptability,

  • comfort,

  • energy efficiency,

  • high speed in the city (up to 150 km/h),

  • integrability into any existing urban infrastructure without disturbing the surrounding architecture.

Specialists from Abu Dhabi, together with the representatives of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. and uSky Transport have identified three potential uSky routes that are most in demand, primarily for the development of the tourism industry.

All the three routes were thoroughly studied, while uSky Transport had already visited the potential route areas, examined the technical conditions for the construction of the uSky track, while economists from Unitsky String Technologies Inc. conducted a study of possible commercial indicators of operation on each of the routes based on data obtained from the government agencies.

This resulted in the presentation delivered with detailed calculations for each of the routes.

It took Abu Dhabi representatives more than two months to study the data given and decide on further actions to develop uSky Transport in the UAE capital.

Dr. Anatoli Unitsky having negotiations with Abu Dhabi government reps
Dr. Anatoli Unitsky having negotiations with Abu Dhabi government reps

Abu Dhabi officials highly appreciated the job done by uSky Transport. The construction of uSky tracks is to be discussed now at the highest level in the government of Abu Dhabi. uSky Transport is expected to be quite the thing for the current fast-growing capital of the UAE.


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