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uSky Transport is the best place for young researchers


Technological changes are speeding up every year of our modern world. Young generation has always been the most dynamic part of any society. The most receptive to change, ambitious, flexible, and not constrained by many "adult" obligations, young people often become the drivers of change. They are easily better at using and feeling up-to-date tech than any other demographics. Today's students are the professionals our tomorrow depends on.

R&D being one of the uSky Transport priorities, its doors are always open to young minds eager to change the world for the better.

uSky Test & Certification Centre was just visited by a student of the American University of Sharjah accompanied by curators from RTA Dubai and Jacobs. This is how he prepares for his thesis. This young engineer is doing his research on unconventional dynamic wireless charging systems for electric vehicles. Since all the uSky Transport vehicles are electric, this is a great opportunity for the novice researchers to get answers to their questions and, maybe, find some inspiration, as the colossal experience of Anatoli Unitsky, the Founder and General Designer of uSky Transport, as well as that of all the engineers in the uSky Test & Certification Centre is a real treasure trove of knowledge.

Getting to know the uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology features and options upclose
Getting to know the uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology features and options upclose

The guests had a most interesting uSky tour conducted by Sergei Tarasov, uSky Transport CEO, where he showed them every one of our wonders: the uCity linear city model, the high-speed uFlash, and the cargo uCont. The uSky Transport headquarters – the green uHouse, and the certified tropical uCar ride made special impressions.

Moment to cherish forever
Moment to cherish forever

Our team sincerely hopes that learning about the uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology will be starting point for many young researchers in their work on scientific papers.


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