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uSky Transport welcomes new guests from India


The representatives of India are among the most frequent guests of uSky Test & Certification Centre. Previous visits were paid by Indian businessmen, Tourism & Investments Advisor, and the delegates representing business circles close to the Indian government.

This time, uSky Test & Certification Centre has been toured by the management of Green Hydrotech Projects, Pampady, Kerala, India. Green Hydrotech’s mission is to facilitate the market entry of international entities with best technologies for harnessing the renewable energy potential of India in a sustainable manner.

The mission of uSky Transport established by Dr. Anatoli Unitsky also meets the global trend of switching to alternative energy sources in the context of solving the problems of the negative impact of transport on humans and the environment.

In this regard, the representatives of uSky Transport easily found a common language with the guests in discussing the prospects for development and cooperation in this area.

uSky Transport - Guests enjoying a test ride in tropical uCar
Guests enjoying a test ride in tropical uCar

The visitors took the ride in tropical uCar, highly commending its excelling qualities like comfort, safety and environmental friendliness.

During the trip, uSky Transport representatives told the guests about the company's fields of concern:

  • passenger traffic between cities and suburbs;

  • passenger traffic between cities and logistics hubs located outside city limits (airports, railway stations, ports, etc.);

  • passenger traffic between districts of the cities divided by water and other barriers (rivers, bays, lakes, gorges, mountains, etc.);

  • passenger traffic in areas with increased requirements for eco-friendliness (parks, reserves, sanctuaries, etc.);

  • transport accessibility of new areas;

  • cargo traffic in areas with difficult climatic conditions or terrain, which lack at all or where it is hard to build traditional land transport links (railways and roads) between mining sites and transport hubs (railway stations, airports, ports, etc.), as well as raw material refineries.

uSky Transport - Delegates at uSky control room
Delegates at uSky control room

The guests visited the control room with a software and hardware complex designed to control uSky transport. uSky Transport specialists demonstrated to the delegates that the control system is easy to use and works properly and smoothly.

At the demonstration pavilion, the flagship of the company was presented to the guests – a high-speed uFlash with an integrated multimedia system and a capacity of 6 paх capable of travelling on uSky overpasses at the speed of up to 500 km/h and featuring extraordinary aerodynamic characteristics, for instance, exceeding those of Bugatti Veyron supercar by 7 times.

uSky Transport - Commemorative picture of delegates in front of high-speed uFlash
Commemorative picture of delegates in front of high-speed uFlash

The delegates were impressed by the potential of uSky Transport and expressed their interest in cooperation in the field of sustainable use of renewable energy sources.

In its turn, uSky Transport is ready for reliable and promising business relationships, developing an industry that is so important for people and nature.


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