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Dr. Anatoli Unitsky at GITEX Global


GITEX Global is the undisputed tech event for the last 40 years Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Cloud, BigData, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, Immersive Marketing, Fintech and thought-provoking conferences, it’s all at GITEX Global.

At the Future Mobility summit to be held under GITEX, Dr. Anatoli Unitsky will deliver the presentation "Optimizing future terrestrial and geospace mobility". The report will touch upon very important aspects of both modern transport solutions’ efficiency and disadvantages as well as the ways to improve towards. Apart from that, it covers the distinctive features of various suspension systems, such as magnetic and air cushion, traditional wheel and their drawbacks in comparison with the “Steel wheel - Steel rail” system featuring the efficiency factor reaching 99.8%.

Dr. Anatoli Unitsky, Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Designer
Dr. Anatoli Unitsky, Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Designer

uSky technology is based on 2 major intrinsic and integral constituents:

  1. Continuous pre-stressed string-rail overpass;

  2. Electric rail vehicles on steel wheels – uPods – with exceptionally high aerodynamics.

Yet another topic of the report will be the prospects of rocket-free space exploration and the disposal of nature-polluting industries to outside of our home – the Earth. Implementing such a large-scale project will result in the entry of our civilization to a new level of development and will give our descendants opportunities for further growth, because it is based on uSky eco-friendly transport technology, which will prevent destroying the soil layer of the planet and bring the biosphere-polluting productions out of the planet to the low-earth orbit.

Those interested in resolving transport problems and being unindifferent to our planet future will be highly welcomed at the summit. The report will be delivered on October 20, at 11.40 am, at Green Stage Za'abeel Hall 3, Dubai.

GITEX Global map

To register for the summit, please follow the link. Download the formal GITEX booklet to stay tuned for all the activities at the event.


viet nam
viet nam
Oct 19, 2021

Unitsky tuyệt vời.

Việt Nam chúng tôi rất quý trọng ngài


Oct 17, 2021

tôi rất ngưỡng mộ các bạn trong trương trình này các bạn thật tuyệt vời

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