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Urban uSky: innovative, safe, sustainable


uSky Transport shares its passenger transport presentation, which is easily integrated into the urban environment and has several significant advantages:

  • enhanced safety of high-speed transportation due to rolling stocks traveling high above the ground;

  • minimal land uptaken by string rail overpasses, which can be easily adapted to perform any logistic tasks;

  • more favorable construction and operating costs compared to other types of overpass transport and the underground metro.

A pilot urban track is already in service at uSky Test & Certification Centre, which has been certified in full including all the members of the urban track, namely:

  • rolling stock service station including control room, electrical room, server room, workshop, etc.;

  • passenger station;

  • 2 intermediate supports and 2 anchor supports combined with stations;

  • flexible string rail track structure;

  • passenger rolling stock uPod: rail steel-wheeled electric vehicle uCar.

The delegates from Rwanda, Brazil, Kingdom of Lesotho, Switzerland, Colombia, El Salvador, Jordan, Romania, Dominican Republic and the Republic of Haiti, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Philippines, Great Britain and other countries have already enjoyed test rides in electric vehicle uPod at uSky Test & Certification Centre. The visitors were delighted with the presented transport solutions. Also, many guests discussed various options for the construction of uSky tracks and partnerships.

The video presentation was demonstrated at the Road and Traffic Expo ME and aroused genuine interest from potential customers and partners from different countries globally. These included the representatives from transport ministries and organizations from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Egypt. The guests of the exhibition noted that overpass transport is an economical and environmentally friendly transport and infrastructure solution for cities and metropolitan areas.


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