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SNU College students visit uSky Test & Certification Centre


SNU College MBA students recently made an educational field trip to uSky Test & Certification Centre to learn about cutting-edge technology in transportation systems and innovation. Known for its solutions in innovative transport and sustainable mobility, uSky Transport provided SNU students with unique opportunity to see the future of transport first-hand.

uSky Transport - uSky tour begins
uSky tour begins

During the visit, uSky Transport representatives gave students an extensive uSky tour, while explaining the mission of Dr. Anatoli Unitsky, Founder and General Designer of uSky Transport, the company’s achievements and future plans. The focus was on the innovative uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology, which promises to revolutionize the mobility of people and goods, making it greener, safer and more cost-effective.

Students studied several models of unmanned uPods operating on the principles of string technology. Our innovative suspended uPods have demonstrated how string transport can be integrated into available infrastructure of cities, easing congestion and reducing air pollution.

uSky Transport mechanical engineer describes the unique capabilities of uFlash
uSky Transport mechanical engineer describes the unique capabilities of uFlash

Additionally, representatives of uSky Transport shared their vast experience in overcoming technical and business problems that the company has encountered along the way. Aspects of project management, innovative thinking and strategic planning were considered.

uSky Transport - Live demo of the uCity linear city mock-up
Live demo of the uCity linear city mock-up

Visiting the uSky Test & Certification Centre helped SNU College students not only to gain valuable knowledge and see advanced tech in action, but also inspired them to develop their own innovative ideas and projects. Many of the students noted that this tour helped them better understand how theoretical knowledge gained through studies can be applied in practice in real business.

uSky Transport - SNU College in uHouse courtyard
SNU College in uHouse courtyard

All in all, the trip to uSky Transport headquarters is an important stage in the process of education of SNU College students, expanding their horizons and inspiring them to further achievements in the fields of business and innovation.


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